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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> (speaking foreign language). >> from july 20th it's already been 20 years. >> (speaking foreign language). >> they have long been committing general side to people who practice forbearance. >> speaking foreign language) i have long been also been prosecuted and a jailed by the communist party. >> (speaking foreign language). >> 3 and a half months i've been in 3 jails. i've fled to australia with my
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daughter >> (speaking foreign language). >> my daughter suffered tremendous skill impacts because of those incidents. >> (speaking foreign language). >> the first question she asked when i was in as traditional if they were going to send people to kill us and a she was a prisoner in china. >> (speaking foreign language) i hope that everyone who stand for human rights today can stand against dictatorship.
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>> let's hear from the next speaker, please. sir >> can you hear me okay. i'm tomorrow. i'm a nature born american citizen and since i have arrived in oakland, california nearly almost say a lot over three years ago i've been the target of crime serious crime and that's not even the worst of it. anonymous has it crippled me but i'm still bleeding internally. its not so much that things i've
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- they're not even drug dealers they're crazy people people living in r f os because we no longer have a mental health system in california we have a dual diagnoses so if you're not addicted to alcohol which i don't drink and you're not 2kik9d to drugs which i'm not you don't get help. i've suffered from chronic illnesses it's s f public works d i've become a victim repeatedly. when i walk near the sheriff they give me respect. i give them respect. you can't get that from sfpd the
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racial precisely is out of control it's no longer about immigration. today, i can't have the privilege of feeling my thump much less full use of my hand. thank you >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors i'm bob bobby we're all poets. and next month think the 26th at the san francisco public library there's the overhead thank you. i just came from a meeting with the current poet of san
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francisco. i'm reminded this is a city of brave positive expression and has been known as the city of poets other than the world. each of the supervisors earlier in the month received a book of poetry to join the students of envied and high schools across san francisco at the public library on saturday 1 to 3. some of you have long been enthusiastically jumping on board. the event is to envision a positive future together in solidarity and from the supervisors we're asking you to either come and drbt the certifies or participate by finding one to 25 lines of
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poetry at least one word in solidarity with the young people in san francisco we can converge in a positive future. in addition to the other supervisors the other san franciscans are visited and it's going to have music and bring people into a conversion and a sense of community. we heard from a number of speakers to surge forward. we'd like for you to come. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. i'm peter executive director of
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library using association i'll be using the overhead. i want to thank two heroes who's many months of hard effort resulted in an approval by the fair political practices commission of a fine for city librarian for this employee for unlawful failure of not reporting gifts. this was an investigation by the fair political practices commission and a stipulation which is a formal acknowledge they failed to report financial tricked he received from the fingertips friends. it's a advisors matter the law
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says that violations of improper reporting constitute perjury. this is what mr. herrera admitted and i acknowledge that the violations described above have occurred and what was distributed above was the gifts of victim of crime interests. this is what the press said about what mr. herrera said. those is what he signed when he said he got though transitions i sign that increase penalty of perjury this was not correct and it was over $135,000 he received
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from city fund >> next speaker. >> sfgovtv if you could go to the laptop, please. >> e-mail a link to a short 11 minute clip for your representation. it's as well as its other shortcomings of the report such as 20 percent of the tons of material a that's been used in
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the san francisco fields has been found by the statistic to be poison. it's recognized by medical decreases and toxicology and numerically biologists and chemical engineers. they're testifying about the health risks about the sympathetic fields skelthd to be installed in district 11 in ocean view which is adjacent to the elementary school. the video clip can be found at the youtube website type in sf sympathetic type and children. it contains videos and the doctor from the harvard and from synimply school of medication
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and david before a and nancy alderman and emancipation proclamation deft of the secret of the war on cancer and dr. joel and susan and others national lab and doctor andrew as well as others >> thank you. are there any other members of the public wishing to speak in general public. seeing none, public comment is closed >> let's go to our adoption calendar. >> items 25 through 29 have long been introduced and any supervisor any require a immediate adoption and the motions require a majority of
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full board. >> would anyone like to sever any items. >> president chiu can i sever item 26. roll call on items 25 though 29 without 267. roll call there are 11 items. the resolution is adopted. item 26. >> it's a resolution to support of the supplemental nutrition program on the low income residents in the city. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, colleagues i ask
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you to vote yes to approve the food stamp resolution. it supports our federal nutritional resolution normally known as the food stamps probz programs. those are san franciscans that are looking for work and living at the or below the poverty line with less than $800 a month. in addition to those 37 thousand san franciscans they receive the fund from snap. it spurs our economic activity and serves our low income families. the house of representatives proposed plan cuts are two deep
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and hurt vulnerable people. when it's already difficult to find jobs and feed our families in san francisco. coming up in november i know a number of nonprofit groups are going to be meeting the hunger challenges and we be doing our best to live on food stamps it's about $4 a day and i ask you to consider joining me in doing that. so i strongly urge our city to work towards the funding to end hunger and to support snap. we also urge house members to vote no on any instruction in our snap programs. please support this colleagues and a colleagues can we take this item same house, same call. would you see resolution this is
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adopted. let's go to our 3:00 p.m. spell meeting >> item 19 though 22 for a public hearing of persons who are interested in the planning decision that the project located at 435 is exempt from environmental review. items 20 is the motion firmly the departments exemption determination and item 21 is rooefrg is departments determinatio determination. >> thank you. i ask we continue this item to october 1st. >> supervisor cowen has asked to continue this item and seconded by supervisor farrell. any public comment.
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public comment is closed. on the motion to continue without objection. why don't we go back to item number ten around the due process for all ordinances. supervisor avalos >> thank you, president chiu. and thank you for postponing the discussion on this ordinance. i appreciate the time to look at it at the last minute the issues with the sheriff. colleagues today, we have a public safety measure in front of us this is of paramount concern we know our justice system st. is not perfect all too often we see innocent people
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locked up but for the criminal justice system to work well especially victims and witnesses of crime must feel safe to contact our law enforcement agencies. that's what this due process it all about. disevenly tanking our system so all our residents regardless of their status don't have to hesitate to call for help human resources i want to thank again, the community members in the room. yo ask you to stand up today. we've come back a second time to make sure we do the right thing. in all our neighborhoods that depend on strong relationship with the law enforcement to cope our families and communities
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save. thank you for standing up. today everyone agrees with s con is a poor safety tool but it wasn't the police chief that brought the legislation forward nor the attorney it wasn't even my office it was the residents. community members and their tireless less advocates the very people who have to debating deal with the program they're the ones that brought this legislation forward. i especially want to thank the d b advocates who worked hard so women are not afraid to pick up the phone to protect themselves. colleagues you know i've dubbed this ordinance the due process for all ordinances. i feel strongly that any carve
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out stops victims of diaphragm from reaching out because of fear of voice. i'm president this to go through today. i'm thinking about particularly about 5 encourages women who came to public comments 3 weeks ago and said they were victimized and end up in the deportation system. it's women who have that fear and come despite their fear before the cameras and to make sure we're providing the grandparent protection. so why i may support carve out exceptions formal due process i don't think it ammunition to
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allow can you ever outs so people are afraid to pick up the phones. so while i could vote for carve outs i hope we can make sure that any caster out domestic victim's don't get concluded in this lengths and that would have the strongest impact to make sure we're protecting our community in calling the police. colleagues, i know we have various, you know, colleagues that want to make some comment and i want to provide some floor floor for you to do so. i want to thank my sponsor we had 8 and we're in a strong position to negotiate a measure
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that will get voted on today so we can have pride in san francisco to get this passed. i do want to have the sheriff come up i know the sheriff has expressed some concerns that we're operationally making this legislation as effective as it can be and mr. sheriff and a actually, if i could ask the members of the public to take our seats so folks behind you - (clapping) and if i could ask i always have this role we don't express support out of reporter but i appreciate the hands.
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thank you >> it might be most appropriate i know the amendments that have a concern of you, we can have you speak when the amendments are provided and we'll have the items to share our concern. >> thank you supervisor avalos and colleagues. we just received the official amendments at 1:36 p.m. that was time stamped and sent to our office. we're doing our best to process them. as you know i articulated my support of the legislation but where i've seen some changes in the legislation do process some operational concerns. i don't think it interrupts what i can tell our preceding here today but i ask that in the
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course of this week before second reading that my office either with supervisor avalos or kim or whoever that there be a consulting on the operational concerns. we're mike focused to be sure whoever is in our staff including the line deputy at 2:00 a.m. is prepared to do the expressed content of what this is to be. the unattended consequence is what brings me here before you today >> with that colleagues. >> thank you sheriff. >> yes. >> other comments? supervisor kim. >> thank you so i have the tough task of introducing the amendments today. i want to say that the last two
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amendments are been tough for us as we discuss and negotiate this policy. you mean it is very clear that everyone in the room wants to make sure we're doing everything we can in this criminal justice system to make our community safer. the u. the u.s. immigration is to target the offenses but everyone in this room the program casts too far a net and it shows in california 7 out of tentacle forbearance as of 2013 had no convictions. so we believe that sf program is a deeply flawed. i want to thank the members
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while we continue to be a leader in advancing what's right. i want to recognize supervisor avalos it was the members in the community but i think it's important to recognize supervisor avalos and his staff. it's a ton of work and i know the president of the united states that's it what's that is like. we've heard from the citizens in the city they don't feel safe because they could get deported themselves. i share the story from last week you have seen walking down our hallways talking about his home that was burglarized but didn't
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call the police because of the fear of being dporlt. f this ordinance is important to build the trust in our public safety infrastructure. no one should fear calling the police when they need help. i'm excited about the passage for that reason i know there are angst and emotions on both sides on the amendments in order to insure passage of this organized. many are worried that any carve outs will continue to chill the public's willingness to seek help or serve witnesses and also waste valuable but limited resources on minimal crime. resources that could be used elsewhere incarceration is high
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therefore it's important but at the same time we've heard that the charge of the folks with the public safety they need to retain some form of discretion in order to do their job. so i'm introducing a set of amendments that i believe will as narrowly as possible address concerns on both sides setting a clear standard that will talk about the people who would be let go out of the incarceration. the dpoeldz are focusing open the goals with the most serious convictions. law firm will make sure that the
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public safety ofbdz are being met and the only time that law enforcement will honoring an immigration hold is is if the immigrant is counted of a felon or felony assault with a deadly weapon and on top of of that is currently being charged with one of those crimes. there's a 7 year look back from that release and even at that point law enforcement will be required to take the evidence of rehab and status of a victim of domestic victim and status of u.s. children and other factors on whether or not to hold some place. upon effective date of immigration reform hoechl e
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hopefully, we'll win the carve amendment will expire but not the legislation itself. last because you want to insure with the precise tension of this legislation the sheriff must report the times when he or she has exercised this discretion so we can maintain over sighted over the policy and with supervisors wiener's request we'll have six months after that. a lot of tough conversations i know that many of our legislation staff members are is been working on that i want to recognize supervisor cowen's office and ivy from my office. and optimistic the many advocates. it's a compromise so no one walked out with everybody they wanted and it's important we
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educate our community and prettiest that speak the language of our communities about what the outcomes of this legislation is that it's safe to come forward that you'll not be deported important reporting the crimes. if there's a classed of individual that pose a threat to public safety whether or not their citizens we should look at all the safeguards to hold those are folks. we shouldn't treat you differently if you pose a threat to the safety of the public and ultimate we want to look further into that conversation. i believe those amendments does establish a strong balance for now and aid the concerns raised by many in the community. the amendments are before us today. i at one point make one


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